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What is Stat School?
In the modern world we live in, traditional education has mostly taken a back seat. People seem to be more focused on instant gratification than in spiritual fulfillment.

One thing remains constant however: People want to acquire STATS. STATS are objective wins in society. Having a lot of money is a stat.

Having a big house is a stat. Having a foreign car is a stat. Getting a hot girl is a stat, and so on. STATS dominate capitalism and western culture. It is the sole desire for most millennials and young entrepreneurs across the world.

The “Stat School” program I teach is specifically designed to help you get rich quick and enjoy your life to the fullest. Never before has there been such an effective religion or technology that facilitates your comfort and happiness to the point of financial and emotional freedom.

The “Ten Stat Commandments” should serve as an introduction to your new life of prosperity and fortune. Thank Me Later.

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What Makes Stat School Different?

Personal guidance

Knowledge is important but it’s way more important to have communication.

Entertainment Industry Based

We help growth in all financial fields, but the program is geared towards Rappers, Entrepreneurs, Models & Actors

Focus on Lifestyle

Money is important, but here at Stat School we place a heavy focus on living the best lifestyle for optimum Happiness

What Do You Really Have To Lose?

You Should Be Willing To Invest Everything To Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

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Who Is Triple The Mogul?

Triple The Mogul is a successful 23 year old business man and entrepreneur who will help you live the good life of fame and fortune. He has a huge network of powerful people and celebrities who he collaborates with on various ideas and projects.

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Frequently asked questions and answers


I’ll go a little more in depth to assure you this will be great for you.

The key to the program is personal guidance.

Knowledge is important but it’s way more important to have communication.

You'll make a lot of money off of promotion. For example you will be able to charge OTHER people $300 a retweet soon once you have a solid online foundation, you can circulate your Music or Art as well.
After you join the program, we will discuss your plans and goals so I can get a better approach and I will make some texts and calls.

Every morning you’ll get a new email with further instructions at 9:15 AM

Most people stay at least 3 months, you’ll see results within the first month.
You can cancel at anytime.

Let’s see where we are at the end of the 30 day program and we can restrategize.

These results may or may not be typical and your results will vary depending on your skill level.